Some of our performers have kindly shared their stories of their time with us. Read below about Vicky and Kalento see why Bedazzle Community Theatre is important to them!


I do work experience a the Cambridge Bedazzle group on a Saturday. I catch a bus to the venue and home again. I help people in the group who need extra guidance and support with learning words and singing new songs and dance routines. I get on well with everyone. I like it because it has built my confidence and self esteem and give me a great sense of satisfaction and achievement by helping others who also have a learning difficulty like me. It is a fun and happy place to go and I have made new friends also. In the future I would like to do some more training and exams to enable me to help others to grow in their skills and confidence as I have done. Since I started helping at Bedazzle I think outside of the box and use different ways of encouraging others to do things. It has helped me to learn new ways to help others. I have learnt new dance routines, songs and how important it is to work together to make things happen. My support team at home also noticed how much more confident I am and how I enjoy helping. 


I am 23. I was 21 when I started Bedazzle. At Bedazzle I do drama, I do dancing and I do the shows. What I like about Bedazzle is doing the performing on the stage and doing drama. Bedazzle is a fantastic place. I have learnt to be a bit more independent and I’ve learnt to be a lot more confident. I would say that I’ve really enjoyed being at Bedazzle because Bedazzle has helped me to be more confident at doing drama. 

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